How to Handle a Home Inspection

How to Handle a Home Inspection

As a seller, you want the best possible offer for your property. You’ll do just about anything to make a quick sale, but first you need to survive the home inspection. A home inspection is stressful. Sure, you’ve performed recent repairs and cleaned up properly, but what if the inspector finds something hidden? Alongside all of that, you’re in the process of moving out. You’ve got a lot on your plate. Here’s how to handle a home inspection.

Keep a Clean Home

A home inspector is accustomed to dealing with dirt and grime. However, it is preferable to work in a clean environment. This is true of any profession. You shouldn’t worry yourself over a small mess or a little clutter. After all, you’re in the process of moving. It’s normal to have a few boxes and knick-knacks on the counter in preparation of packing. However, an extremely dirty home is usually a sign of impending defects or deferred maintenance.

Turn on Lights

Just before the home inspector arrives, consider turning on a few lights and the ceiling fans. For one, the inspector will want to ensure the electrical system works well. And two, a comfortable working environment allows the inspector to focus on their job more thoroughly.

In most cases, the inspector will turn off the lights and ceiling fans before they leave.

Remove Your Pets

Yes, it’s true that most people love dogs and cats. However, during an inspection, they can quickly become a nuisance. The inspector does not want to be, nor are they, responsible for your pet underfoot. It’s best to remove them from the house for the time being.

The inspector will also do their part. If they leave a door open for a moment, most inspectors are kind and professional enough not to allow strays inside.

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