Q: Are you listing my house on MLS or buying it?
A: We do not list your home on MLS. We purchase homes outright from homeowners using our own money, so you never need to worry about dealing with real estate agents, appraisals, or financing. Once we purchase your home, we fix up the property and resell it, or rent it out.

Q: How is the offering price on my house determined?
A: We use three key factors to determine a reasonable offer price: condition, neighborhood and surrounding market, and your short- and long-term goals. For some, cash is the primary reason for selling, while others simply do not want the trouble of owning a home.

Q: What do you do with the home after you purchase it?
A: After we purchase a home, what we do is typically determined by the condition. We generally add value by making necessary repairs, then we sell the property. Occasionally, we rent the home to families or individuals in the area.

Q: What makes you different from other companies?
A: We purchase homes outright from individuals and families in Las Vegas seeking options. If you list your home on the market using a real estate agent, you must deal with the bank, contracts, commissions, and lofty fees. That’s not how we work, though. We make reasonable cash offers, which you are welcome to either decline or accept.

Q: Will you pay me what my home is worth?
A: Absolutely! We always provide a fair cash offer on any home we intend to purchase.

Q: What does it mean when you say that you will buy my house for CASH?
A: Just that! We have the money ready TODAY to purchase your home. When dealing with real estate agents, banks are involved, which is both time-consuming and expensive. With Cash for Vegas Homes, it’s just us and a cash offer!

Q: Where will we close on the property?
A: Once you have agreed on our cash offer, we close with a local title company, to ensure the transaction adheres to state law.

Q: I currently live out of state. Is that a problem?
A: We often work with homeowners who are out-of-state. Our local team can handle all the details!

Q: What if I am behind on my mortgage?
A: That is no trouble whatsoever! If you are behind on your mortgage, we can request a reinstatement amount and payoff to ensure a better deal on the home. We then explore the options available to you!

Q: How long does it take to sell my home?
A: The speed at which we complete the sales process is determined by you. We can move as slow or fast as you require. We will close on your schedule!

Q: What are the steps to selling my home?

A: Once price is agreed upon by both parties, the following steps are straightforward:

  1. We send a Purchase Contract to our local title company
  2. The title company requests a payoff from the mortgage company (if required)
  3. The title company pulls a title report, ensuring a clean title for the buyer
  4. We close at the title company on your schedule


Q: I am feeling overwhelmed with this process. What do I do?
A: Take a breather; we pride ourselves on making the sales process as smooth and straightforward as possible. You’ll have cash in your pocket and one less worry!

Q: What will it cost me to have you look at my home?
A: Our in-home consultation process is completely free to you. It costs nothing!

Q: Are you a real estate agent?
A: No, we are not real estate agents. We are simply savvy investors looking to help homeowners!

Q: What kinds of fees will I have to pay when selling my home?
A: You pay zero closing fees or commissions. We aim to offer you as much money as possible!

Q: My house needs repairs. Is that okay?
A: We routinely purchase homes in “as is” condition. You don’t need to make any repairs or renovations to sell your home to our team!

Q: My home is in foreclosure; can you help?
A: Yes! We have worked with homeowners in the past who are in foreclosure. Even if your home is scheduled for sale, we can still buy the property.

Q: What is your program?

A: We evaluate three factors when purchasing a home:

  • Condition
  • Neighborhood and surrounding housing market
  • Your needs and goals


Q: What type of homes do you buy?
A: We purchase all types of homes, from those in disrepair to move-in ready properties!