Sell Your HouseWhen the time comes to sell your home finally, chances are high you’re doing your research. After all, you want the most money possible. Don’t we all. Well, when you search online for resources to sell a house in Las Vegas, you’ll eventually stumble across Zillow. Zillow is a type of online MLS in which real estate agents, brokers, and homeowners can list a property for sale. Then, prospective buyers can show their interest and begin the home-buying process.

Does Zillow work, though? Will it help you sell your house for more money in less time? Probably not. Let’s delve into the why behind that statement.

Why You Should Avoid Online MLS Sites

Every one of us is obsessed with technology today. There are just so many useful options available when it comes to…well, just about everything. When it comes to selling a house, however, working in person is often the better bet.

You see, with websites like Zillow, misinformation is prevalent. That misinformation occurs on both sides—buyer and seller—during the process. For example, real estate agents can pay for leads and to push their listing to the top. These homes are often overpriced, thereby flooding the site and pushing your listing down the ranks.

Even worse, many of these websites are used to gather information more so than actually help buy or sell homes. That means advertisements, inaccurate data, and potentially spam.

A Worthwhile Solution

We wouldn’t list the downsides to online MLS websites without offering a solution. If you want to sell your home easier, for more money, and in less time, local real estate investors are always looking for new properties. With one quick phone call, you can enjoy a fast cash offer within 24 hours. You could close within the month—perhaps even a week—if you wish.

Sell your home fast and for cash with Cash for Vegas Homes. Give us a call at 702-850-8001!